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The Best Strategy For Getting Your Ex Back

Thursday, 16 August 2012 19:25 Published in Blog

Is Strategy Important for Getting My Ex Back? | What is the Best Strategy for Getting My Ex Back?

The Number One Strategy for getting your ex back is to be emotionally stable. This is vital.  Since emotional stability is the first factor above all else, within emotional stability comes three sub strategies:

Three key things you want to avoid when contacting your ex if you are looking for sound emotional strategy.
1) Avoid any negative emotional topic- don’t emerge from the no contact period with immediate references to the past breakup or past arguments.  This is a psychological trap because you may want to start out with another apology or you think it is ok since time has gone by to bring up something you may have done “wrong”.  Do not do this.  Do not bring up negative emotional topics, ie: past arguments, past issues, or any past issue with a hint of negativity.
2) Do not expect an immediate return from your ex and do not react when a return does not come your way.
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What are my chances of getting my ex back?

Thursday, 16 August 2012 16:43 Published in Blog

What are my chances of getting my ex back?


"Will my ex ever really get back together with me?  The chances seem real slim... ? :( "

We get this question all the time regarding odds, percentages and chances. 

The answer depends on three main factors: 

1) how long the relationship lasted

2) the reasons for the breakup

3) the type of breakup (situational/spontaneous versus planned and orchastrated over time.)

The rest of this article on your chances of getting your ex boyfriend and/or girlfriend back can be found here: zoomonkey

Breakup Advice From Friends and Family For Getting My Ex Back

Saturday, 11 August 2012 13:07 Published in Blog

The Problem with Friends and Family for Getting Your Ex Back
 We all love our friends and family and rely on them more then anything in life. (We can't live without our family and friends.)  But please understand that you are going to get about five different pieces of advice from them before they grow tired of hearing about it and listening to it.   "Get over it..." "Move On..." "There are plenty of fish in the sea.." "If it wasn't meant to be , then it wasn't meant to be.." "He was an @ssho\le..""She was a bitch..." "You are better then your ex anyway..." Do we need to say more?  Your friends and family won't tell you things like, "ignore that text for a day and then respond tomorrow at 2:00 with a brief response and don't ask for a reply back..."  They will just say, "tell Harry to jump in the river, Francis..." or something like that... Getting your ex back takes serious strategy that is far beyond cliche's and "age old" advice.  It takes an angle and it takes playing games.  The games are counter intuitive. Your family and friends, unless trained in this field, most likely do not know the proper methods.

The Problem with Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists for
Getting Your Ex Back
We are not mental health professionals nor are we clinicians in any capacity. We are not a replacement for "counseling". We are coaches that help you get your ex back. Assuming a mental health professional could help you get your ex back, do you want to drive to an office and sit on a nice sofa for $250 an hour with someone who may have just spoken to a teenager regarding smoking weed?  Or better yet, a Doctor that has a private door in and a private door out that just handled his fifth psychitzophrenic for the day..?  Seriously.  Or a marriage counselor that deals with married couples having issues with infidelity and erectile dysfunctional issues.  Go spend your money on these professionals if you have issues that require mental health attention.  We are only laser focused on the tactical issue of getting your ex back similar to a sales coach helping with selling technique.  We are NOT Doctors or Counselors.  We are not going to ask you about your childhood.  We are tacticians looking at a very specific angle regarding a breakup and how to attract your ex back to you, not by asking you 'how you feel', but by telling you what works and what doesn't work based on our vast observations, study, and experience within the field of reconciliation.  Besides, you can talk to us in your underwear and you can call us 24/7. (As a mini disclaimer within this disclaimer...we are confident that somewhere out there exists members of the medical community that could help you get your ex back as good as we can, and if you find someone you like that fits your needs, we encourage you to try them out too... just remember, this is all we do. non-stop. constantly. )

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